Friday, August 27, 2010

Some shameless enabling

Did you know that 7 Kids College Fund has Graphics45 pads in stock now, both in 8''x 8'' and 12''x 12''??? My hands started shaking when I saw these:

And the new Spellbinders on preorder - boy, I wish I could get them ALL!! Well ... at least half of them!

Anyways, one can dream!

Happy Saturday to you all!!


Dorcas said...


Viv said...

You're so naughty! Now I feel like I have to go shopping!

Viv said...
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Patti P. said...

Annika, don't you just love those papers....I don't have any of these yet but see them in my future. Ha I also want the spellbinders, but I always want them. Oh to just have more money for crafts...
Be sure and check out my post I am Blessed...something for you.

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