Monday, September 26, 2011

White mist

Last Saturday's challenge at Make It Colourful was (and still is) creating white mist. I really wanted to play but was colouring very last minute and top of this bit a lot more than I could chew - I decided to do a no-black-lines version of ZOE ALL EXCITED. Which was a bit of a madness, considering how detailed the image was and how small I printed it out.

It took me about triple the usual time to colour that image and I'm slow to start with!! Never mind the fact that I botched it up anyway. And now that I'm looking at her again I notice that I didn't finish off her eyes - properly - *headdesk*

I tried to publish it yesterday but Blogger was NOT playing ball and wouldn't let me into my posting area at all.
I used Maritime Abode from Steampunk release behind her, printed out as light as possible. Background was created with BV20/23/25. I then lifted out some lighter areas with colourless blender and went at it with white pigment ink to enhance the "mistiness". One of the main reasons for that exercise was to show that you don't always have to use your background stamp as detailed images, rather like silhouettes. It gives a cool feel of distance.

I haven't got a chance to make a card with that image yet but  I will this week, just wanted to show you the results of my playtime and maybe encourage you to create some white mist too! Would love to see your results!! See you at Make It Colourful!! :)

Oh, and stay tuned for Make It Crafty Christmas release hop tomorrow - you're gonna be wiped off your feel with the amount of pure talent out team sports!!



Wiccababe said...

Annika, this is stunning - no other word for it :)

Sara H said...

This is drop dead gorgeous!!!! really stunning!

Jane said...

Can I please book a lesson on painting skies and backgrounds! Great job as always Niks.

Dana said...

Wow! What a lot of challenging techniques packed into this one and they all turned out fabulous! Can't stop studying it. I don't know what else you planned for the eyes but I think they look gorgeous!

Amy Johnson said...

Truly stunning!

Tracy Valure said...

The entire image is beautiful but that dress is phenomenal!! I just love it, it looks so real! Great job!
Tracy V

Renkata said...

Sensational colouring Annika.

Alina said...

oh, Annika, so beautiful! the most I like the dress, it looks stunning!
hugs, Alina

Ms. Jen said...

ANNIKA!!!! Wow! I have definitely missed your art while I was away. I saw this misting challenge and knew it was outta my league, but you nailed it girl! So beautiful.

Monique said...

Wow Annika! This is beautifull. I love it :)).

Hugs Monique

Shazza said...

love it!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning Annika!! hugs, Angela

Linda Carson said...

WOW! What a spectacular piece of artwork! Flawless!

Unknown said...

She is gorgeous and how you produced the mist is still a mystery to me but it is beautiful.

Crissy Armstrong said...

Echoing the other comments on here, STUNNING. I do need lessons from you!!!! xo

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