Monday, December 20, 2010

Enabler alert - A scavenger hunt at 7 Kids College Fund

Now, a lil' bit of the fun kind of shopping, girls! Tab is doing a scavenger hunt at 7 Kids College Fund store!

Here's how it goes:
1) get the daily clue from each day's e-mail, the blog or facebook, and figure out the mystery free product
2) spend the daily amount in the store (if it is $50, you will need to have $50 in MERCHANDISE in your cart...does not include shipping or the scavenger/gift item)
3) add the mystery item to your cart
4) use the daily code to get your item for FREE!!!


Clue: I'm round and jolly like Santa's belly. I'm beaded and beautiful like a Christmas garland. I cut like a Christmas cookie cutter. What am I?


Rules: In order to get the DAY 1 CHRISTMAS PRESENT, you must purchase $100 or more in merchandise (not including shipping or the FREE item).
Have fun!


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