Monday, July 5, 2010

Something else to covet..

No card today - because I'm seriously worrying the divorce would be on books if I spent any more time in my Messy Room! lol

But I just had to pop in and let you know that 7 Kids College Fund has now Popcorn The Bear stamps on preorder HERE! I love those to bits and been biting my nails for quite a while (craft shopping embargo, remember? The one I keep breaking and breaking...).

I think I NEED that set!!

I can think of about gazillion of uses for that one, from kids to grownups!



Sylvia Blum said...

I recently discovered the Popcorn Bears myself and they are too cute :)
If you have them, I'm sure you'll make a gorgeous and super sweet card creation with them :D
But *oops* .. don't want to hear divorce news from you *lol*
have a super start into the new week!
{big hugs} Sylvia

Lorraine said...

this set is well worth getting as i live in uk i have had it for quite a while and its gorgeous and a lovely big stamp too go for it you won't be dissapointed i promise xx

Crystal said...

AWWW those popcorn bears are ADORABLE!!! Thanks for sharing..I hear you I have taken a few days off myself to spend time with the fam..Back to stamping today lol!!! Have a great Monday girl!

Netty said...

I haven't any Popcorn Bears, methinks I shall have rethink this.....mmmmmmmmmm Annette xx

Liz Corrigan said...

Oh dear Annika, cannot have the divorce court looming!!!! I know when I have spent too much time in my craft room, I start to hear the 'subtle' hints.
But agree with you, those Popcorn bears are rather appealing - have resisted so far, but saw the new Platinum releases and they are so gorgeous. Oh dear!!! Hugs Rosie x

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