Saturday, April 25, 2009

Everybody's a critic

My most beloved hubby went out for a drinks with a friend yesterday, leaving me with kids. That's OK, the friend was over from Finland and they hadn't had a night out for ages(mainly due to young kids on both sides).

I promised to give the friend lift home after they came from a pub so stayed awake until they finally arrived arouind 1.30 in the morning and then for another hour while they were having a drink and watching photos. That was OK as well, I had promised.

Then my other half found the card I had made for Sugar Bowl challenge (cards for men). My hubby gave it a long look and announced that the title of the book the boy is reading is on the back cover, what's that about. We argued a bit if there's any sensible explanations or if it's weird or not. Then his friend came from the toilet and was promptly presented with the card by me hubby asking if he can see anything wrong with it.

The friend didn't see anything wrong with a book. Instead he said: "That's a weird-looking dog. Why does it have pink eyes?"

It's CHEEKS people, alrite. And they're not even that pink!
Thanks for looking!



Marcea said...

Men!!!! I am actually sat here laughing which is terribly mean but it is a funny story - poor you hun!
I love your card babe and I have all my faculties about me today :o)
Hope you have a fab weekend
ps I am actually a really slow card maker too - usually takes me a full evening to make one card, I just have to live in my craft room to get them all done - this is why I never get the chance to enter any challenges myself :o(

Lyn said...

Great card, love the layout and the colours you've used. I too had to laugh at your story .

Anonymous said...

lol what are they like? that's men for you!Well I think it a fabulous card and love it. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Marcea said...

Hi there sweetie - thanks for your lovely comment. You should drop me an email sometime and we can have a proper chat :o)
Addy is on my blog on my sidebar

pinky said...

Sorry didn't laugh but did want to kick the two of them out to the shed for the night that would have made me laugh. Your card is gorgeous, what do men know!

Anonymous said...

Love your card - could they see straight or did the still have beer goggles on!

Nilla said...

Such an adorable card, great idea and layout! hugs from Nilla

ella bella said...

Men lol take no notice what do they know!!! your card is gorgeous and you have coloured the image beautifully. fabulous work
Tracy x

Tara Godfrey said...

Oh Annika, you are a riot, luv! I nearly spit my coffee out all over the monitor, as I am reading your post! Too funny!!! You keep me coming back with you stunning this one and your fabulous sense of humour! Ahhh, Men! What do they know anyways!? Pay them no attention!
I just love your card and the image is adorable and coloured beautifully! Such fabulous details and I love the inside it is as stunning as the front!!!
Big Hugs,t

Artyjen said...

Great card all round. Men can be too picky by half!

Kathy said...

Wow your card is amazing!! I love all the color and the details are just fabulous!! Cute image as well! That is funny now everytime you see that card you will think of that story!!
Thanks so much for joining in the challenge with us :)Kathy

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