Friday, March 20, 2009

Animals are people too

Our wonderful postman bought me adorable Doodle Factory stamps. Of course I had to have a go right away. Isn't that narky kitty just soooo cool!

Loved Mojo Monday sketch for this week and I think it worked with a card quite well!

I HAD to use that bear inside as well ... just because I wanted to colour it in :D

Cardstock: Core'dinations
PP: DCWV Green Stack
Stamps: Doodle Factory
Images coloured with Prismacolour pencils, blended with Sansador & paper stumps
Ribbon: Poppicrafts
Dew Drops from Robins Nest

Thanks for looking!



Pop's Cards said...

That is so cute, loved the sentiment so fun, and great job on the challenge, have a great weekend hugs Pops x x x

Nessa said...

Wow I can see why you couldn't wait to play with them! They are just darling :) I just love the expression on the cats face!

Cardmaking Galore said...

Stunning card - love the colours

Kim J said...

I just love the cat, Annika! He's so much fun. And the patterns on your card are great -- it's a perfect card for both guys and girls. Fantastic job!

Anonymous said...

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