Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas present scavenger hunt Day 2 at 7KCF

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The scavenger hunt is in full blow at 7 Kids College Fund store!

1) get the daily clue and figure out the mystery free product
2) spend the daily amount in the store (if it is $50, you will need to have $50 in MERCHANDISE in your cart...does not include shipping or the scavenger/gift item)
3) add the mystery item to your cart
4) use the daily code to get your item for FREE!!!

DAY 2-December 21
Clue: I have the name of a flower, but I'm not one. I am part of a Christmas collection (one of three, actually). You can order as many of me as you like, but only one of us will be free. What am I? (If you can't figure it out, e-mail Tab and she will help!)


Rules: In order to get the DAY 2 CHRISTMAS PRESENT, you must purchase $50 or more in merchandise (not including shipping or the FREE* item). Remember, shipping is free on orders over $75 of qualifying items!


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