Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hey, candy lover!

That means ... well, all of us, I guess.

The point is I've been meaning to post about Mina's candy for a while and keep forgetting about it. Yes. You're right. Babies ate my brain. Especially considering that I GO TO HER BLOG ALMOST DAILY. Duh. Her work with Distress inks is truly exceptional and her cards always a real eye candy. Can you say 150.000 hits? Well, that's how many she has under her belt!

Here's the candy. LOOKIE - ribbon! Pins. BG pad I've been coveting. Loadsa yummyness.

The candy is open until Sunday, June 20th - so hurry up.

And don't mind me, cranky today. Had my Friday DT card ALMOST finished and then dropped ink pad (Bahama Blue, Memento, in case you're interested) on top of it. Have to start all over. HATE that, besides - I'm swamped with other things this week anyway. That pesky family life, so interruptive...

OK, I will stop ranting now, before I'll be banished from blogland for disruptive behaviour.

Luvs ya all


Stef H said...

don't cha just hate when life gets in the way just at the point that you're most comfortable??? sheesh!!!

good thing it happens rarely!!!!

and no, you would not be banished from blogland for being disruptive. disruptive is good once in a while - lol

Netty said...

Babies ate your brain!! .....don't worry about it, it will regenerate in 4 hours and be stronger for it...........
Annette x

Sue from Oregon said...

maybe a little chocolate would help!

Marlene said...

Ugh....gotta hate stray ink pads!

Thanks for the heads up about the blog candy. Going to check out her blog....cuz anyone with that many hits has gotta be good. ;)

Anne said...

Hey, have a big glass of wine and see if bahama blue can be part of the creative process LOL!

Grr... happens too many times, doesn't it!

Mina said...

ooooohhhhhh I could get used to the praise mind lol....I have good news and bad about the baby eaten brain...it does recover....when your children are about 20 lol...although mine is still recovering Im sure lol....oh no about the ink pad, cant you cute the offending bit off and use just some of the image?
Mina xxx

Roxx.T Barnes said...

Ooh My Your story is so funny, but true! I've always said once you have children you lose brain cells.Mina,mind maybe returning, but my child is in her mid twenties &I nothing has come back I think it's worse!

Sorry to hear you had to start over after you put so much work into cards.

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